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the tv is on again by michael michael with addendumb by

Posted to Poetry and Politics

the tv is on again those american men
the tv is on again a documentary about women
and children in pieces
the tv is on again
and a well-meaning englishman is pointing his camera
at death
the tv is on again they say they ought to show more
of the death that occurs in the wars
oh the tv is on again
and its a discussion forum on the christian motives
of bush
the tv
it is on again
and this time its just the news
and the news says fifty soldiers died
and the news says it was a bomb
in a car
and the tv keeps telling the stories
of all the wars and all the deaths
and we just watch it
i just watch it
and dont know what to say

not-knowing I don't believe
not-believing I don't not-know
now I know what I don't believe....
and wake up, offering a friend
a kind greeting on the way
to somewhere.