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I've thought that,too

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ever since the invasion of Afghanistan. I mean, if they've got satellites that can purportedly read a person's book from space, then how can they not where Bin Laden is hiding? But as long as the public thinks he is loose and creating havoc, the Bush administration can get away with curtailing civil liberties at home and hitting up Congress for a bigger budget for the so-called war on terrorism (really a war on the right to self-determination).
What I want to know is, and I may be out of line on this one, but what is the UN doing to protect the world from US unilateralism and imperialism? No joke! I mean, considering the number of political prisoners in US jails, the number of homeless, and the fact they are truly a "rogue nation", wouldn't a NATO pre-emptive strike be in order?
Now I'm not seriously suggesting a war on the US (or anu other nation for that matter), but last time I checked, no one voted them to be the new police on the block. I kind of thought that was the UN's job (a job made harder by the fact that even though the US doesn't pay its dues and hasn't in quite some time) they still feel they can veto and bully member nations about. Remember just prior to the Bush War 2, the administration was trying to drum up their "coalition of the willing" and Yemen I believe it was voted no, and the US ambassador to the UN said to him, "that was the most expensive no vote you'll ever make" and basically cut off any support for that country. I'm sure some of you will be pissed off with my comments, but this is just something I had to get off my chest. I mean, how many more people are we going to let the US murder in the name of fighting Communism, terrorism,the war on drugs or whatever the cause celebre may be, before we say enough is enough.