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Hi Michael

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...Perhaps you misunderstand the point I was trying to make. You are a poet, you contribute to the creative process here. Some do no such thing...they just come to P&P for whatever reason but it seems to me, a wholly negative vibe towards the other posters. I agree, it is fine to disagree, to have another opinion, to debate the issues but I have little respect for any that make that their purpose on this site without contributing in some other way. It is just my opinion and not a rule here. I have nothing to do with running this place and am thankful for that...

A person I respected and admired used to post here and was badgered and harangued until she no longer felt comfortable. She was a republican and a conservative but o man, could she write. We had our disagreements as to our politics but no disagreement as to her creative abilities. She is sadly missed by me and others here, I'm very sure. So it is not that it is just a point of view that I'm sick's a tone, a matter of respect and reason that bother me.

I am totally against any kind of censorship but I would always hope that those that speak their minds would at least use some compassion and foresight for I fear it has been sadly lacking.