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From the outside, your mansion looks so imposing.

Posted to Poetry

A summit of ashes

Smoke stained eyes
and granite skin
half peeled
flapping in the wind
like the iron roof of an abandoned house

Your stench fills my mouth like corked wine
I am trying to spit you out

Even in your decrepit state
with your your cunt-rot
and your bloodshot speech
you reek a wrecked majesty

a husky sexiness
undeniable air of class.

So, nearing a hell you so
do you you look back on the young
innocence you plundered?

Of course not
it's been a comic lurch
from one ragged glory to another
and those you've pissed on
or shot up with
only for them die first time
and you to survive
liked a divinely protected
they were weak
and ungifted
weren't they?

and now, as your fingers reach into your trouser suit
and you try to make your self come one last time
asking me to stand naked by the mirror
my back to you
I'm saying in my mind
hurry up would you

What was once thrilling and illicit
now seems sad and slightly desperate

From the outside, your mansion looks so imposing.