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That's The Point

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He's the VP, not the Prez. He can be disliked and it doesn't mean anything.

Wow, being popular is important to you too? Getting to be a theme in here. I'm sure you'd claim that Bush isn't like either, yet his poll numbers have been climbing lately.

Again, we're taling VP here. I think you're putting too much emphasis on the importance of him/her being liked. That's why Edwards will be almost no factor in the election, win lose or drawwwwwwwwwww... fuck

But when was the last time a VP selection made such a huge difference on an election? Didn't quayle...

You see what I mean? The unpopular attack dog is far more politically valuable then some likeable guy who needs to prove himself worthy to sit in the hot seat. Kerry/Edwards have some serious work to do. Time is not on their side, in my opinion. That is, unless some geopolitical event happens that shakes it all up.

Consider this: Al Qaeda attacks like they did in Spain and the voters will fire back with a resounding -keep Bush vote. It worked for the Spaniards, but not here my friend. We're too independent and pissed off to let terrorist's extortion work. I just hope that doesn't happen. Spain makes me want to vomit, the damage they did will have an impact for many years to come. If you want to sway and election, just bomb 'em