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Missed What A VP Is For In An Election

Posted to Poetry and Politics

He's not there to gain popularity for himself, no VP ever won an election for that, that I know of.

VPs are best as attack dogs during elections. Why do you think Gore has gone off his rocker? I think he never got out of attack dog mode, so that's it for him. He'll never get elected. That is why Edwards will be hurting in a few months. Cheney will eat him alive as we get closer and closer.

Cheney is dislike among those on the Left, but very much liked by those on the Right. It's the ones in the middle who haven't seen enough of him yet, so they have no preconceived notions, by in large.

Don't make the mistake of thinking a VP candidate needs to be popular by much at all. Never needed to, probably never will. Cheney is expendable!