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We have a relative peace now.

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Relative to the way things use to be. The Unionists/Loyalists are still busy killing each other in feuds over money, drugs and racketeering. To be honest I say let them at it. The DUP being the largest unionist party is refusing to talk with Sinn Fein (the largest nationalist party) until the IRA disband. The IRA won't disband because none of the unionist paramilitaries have disbanded. Bit of a catch 22. The IRA have however put large stores of weapons beyond use and this was monitored by the decommissioning board but the unionists want more. More details on decommissioning and more transparency even though they agreed to the terms of the Good Friday agreement at the time. They now want to change those terms to suit themselves. Will there ever be a real peace? I can't say. All I know is that the longer things stay the way they are (which is in limbo land) the greater the risk of a return to violence.