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Sure is...

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The country is still in a sort of semi revolutionary state. There are protests all over the place all the time. The story goes that when they were under dictatorship a man could get arrested for having long hair. They had that little freedom. Now with democracy (and only 20 years of it) they have the freedom to protest and protest they will. Over anything. Of course like any revolutionary Che has his supporters and his detractors. He is popular as a tourist icon for sure but what the people really think of him is kept to themselves. I had a few photos taken with a couple of Argentine Veterans who were protesting about pensions. I only approached them for the photo opportunity but they turned out to be really friendly. They couldn't speak a word of English and I couldn't speak a word of Spanish (well except to order beer, priorities right) but in the ensuing discussion I told them I was Irish and they produced the petition and proceeded to point out countless other Irish signatures. I signed it too and they gave me a couple of Argentinean patches for a jacket. Great people, great place and one I'll go back to one day.