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Spent Matches

Posted to Poetry

Once fixated on a project
It is not like me
To give up trying
Sad as it may be to you
There is a reason I fell in the middle
To bring two worlds on separate axis
Into the same hemisphere
For the sake of rewriting history
Versus repeating the same dry thing
We have opposition and hate
across many oceans
And the one thing should stand to resonate
That we are here, and no longer quieted
We the people
Brown, red, yellow, white, whatever....
We will all die on this land we share
All be buried, and leave grieving family
And mourning knows no color
When placed in the ground
What color, creed, race, gender
Lies next to you in eternity?
And will it make a bloody difference?
So give me the matches
And I will keep striking
Until I find one that burns and flickers
Because it was my determination
that brought it into light