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Think from today on....

Posted to Poetry

It doesn't have to be like this
The past can be at rest
Just make it stop...
We are losing brilliant minds
Ones I've studied and fallen in love with
We've all got skeletons in the closets
It's high time to bury the hatchet
While it's true we cannot change yesterday
Today is a new day, and I see good things in you
Don't waste the brain cells on trying
To figure out whose next to die
Write a novel, write music, metamorphisis
Into a beautiful butterfly
Tell your side of the story...
That's all I plan on doing
I want to go home, and sleep
Not worry about things that want to hurt me
I don't wanna hurt you
Iam merely making my confessions of being part of it
I am guilty of involvement, because I did nothing
To stop it....Until it was too late
I was chicken shit to stand up to my friends
Tell them to knock off their bullshit
And so here I sit at thirty
Still living with the PTSD that follows me
the same demons as when I was thriteen
Thirteen! Remember how young we were
How foolish to play with fire
Things we had no concept of (really)
Only longing to belong somehwere
In this f*ed up world
A world that rejected us, teased us
Beat us, raped us of our childhoods
Made us moving machines instead of people
Darling, your contribution can be made
To make peace with your demons
From today, lay down your weapons
I know ALL ABOUT survival
But it has to begin somewhere
And you are the Ace card in the deck
Let it go baby, let it go...
I want to surrender, and forget old wounds
Can we do this?