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During the second Bush/Gore debate of the 2000 campaign, this "compassionate uniter" emphasized clear parameters for the U.S. military...

"Bush talked at length about the use of the military, saying the Clinton-Gore administration had engaged in 'nation-building' military excursions and had overextended the military."

SOURCE: CNN - Civil debate between Bush, Gore…

During the same debate, moderator Jim Lehrer asked Bush whether he supported specific U.S. military actions...

LEHRER: What about Lebanon?
BUSH: Yes.
LEHRER: Grenada?
BUSH: Yes.
LEHRER: Panama?
BUSH: Yes.
LEHRER: Obviously, the Persian…
BUSH: With some of them I've got a conflict of interest on, if you know what I mean.
LEHRER: I do, I do. The Persian Gulf, obviously.
BUSH: Yes.

SOURCE: - Transcript of Second Bush/Gore Debate