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I fail to understand

Posted to Poetry and Politics

how you can be critical of me for this, when you've just done the same thing.

I'm not critical of you for it. I just think you're wrong.

Can't you get over it and produce something to back it up. You don't ask me to back it up, you just make your claim about my opinions being stated as fact. Considering you're the one doing the comlaining I'd say the onus is on you. So if you claim the higher ground, show me why and how. No?

Besides you're missing the half of the equation that counts most: what Al Qaeda believes they accomplished. So it really makes no difference what the reality is if they believe they can alter an election. Aside from that the Spanish people did get swayed in close election, out of fear for terrorism and the pure hatred for Bush.

Nah, never mind, it's time for another attack on me eh?