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A curtain, or a curse? PC

Posted to Poetry

It seems as if a void
has narrowed our vision.
a spectral of events,
blurring our sight.

But what is it that has cast this shaddow
this overwhelming curtain of deceit.
I ask not those who rise above their twenties,
but to those,
growing in a nation of uncertainty.

I have heard, and yet said
that this country has nothing to offer,
and time and time again,
I've given up hope,
dropping the news papers and uninspiring articles.

But its here, its a living a force,
growing moving with integrity,
we have grown up bored?
No, no we have not,
for just a glance,
just a mere sliver of whats happening
and transpiring as time goes by,
is more real than any drug or sex.

Boredom is a virtue, burdened on the soul,
a suckfish of sorts,
which pivots and feeds off a good mind,
this fungus, has torn our generations apart,
becuase for me,
for me I have seen nothing of our generation.

Does it even exist?
are there kids in their teens to mid twenties?
parents would say yes,
foundly remebering the years spent
the tedious hours devouted to bring up a child,
but to what cost,
to what end?

I look around and find nothing to answer my question,
for if their is this generation,
MY generation,
than why, how have their been no inquiries,
not even a mere murmur to show we are here?

Right now, as we speak,
our supposide boring existance
our perpetual void of meaningless
is on the verge of absolute change.

For thirty years from now,
when as we would never dream,
we'll have had our feet well planted in our
fathers and mothers shoes,
we will not be able to look towards the past,
making comparisons to the future,
because our boring existance that we see now,
will form into something of a phonmenon,
which we will have never made a single peep or intelligent
remark about.

Then, what will you say about our boring lives?