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love letters to a queen

Posted to Poetry

Three destinies in a cinematic prairie
Two mirrors and an eden
Pagan aesthetics paint this globe
And the bard breeds summer nights under blooded seductions
Sweet seraphim of hallucinations sing rebel music
And fly from thrones edges, leaving gilded memory for fragile sketches
This ecstacy hand drawn through an impending dawn
To a backdrop of a young human god
Old wood and metal arches build a desolation peak of catharsis
An aftertaste of salted graves and sunflower mornings
Where some Victorian light lays a velvet cloak over Stratford’s skies
Bearing in mind the reflections arrived in the splintered echoes from high
Now before us in the silvered screened swaying seas of prairie grass and reeds
One silhouetted seraphim remains in light thus freed
Through a lens in retrospect these visions have undone
The slivered ache cast upon a burning division

Looking into a candle in the silence of summer
I invent a prayer and fly it to my bonded existence