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France opposes UN sanctions on Sudan

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(...) Mr Powell on Thursday said that Sudan had not delivered on its pledge. (...) Powell said that Sudan had "days" to stop the violence or face possible sanctions. (...)

"President Bush, the United States Congress, Secretary General Annan and the international community want more than promises," he said. "We want to see dramatic improvements on the ground right now," he added.

The draft resolution includes sanctions against leaders of the Arab Janjaweed militia, which could be widened to include members of the government, which is accused of backing them.

France has also said it does not support extending the sanctions to the Khartoum government (...)

Human rights activists say the Janjaweed are conducting a genocide against Darfur's black African population - although the UN and member states have refrained from using the word. (...) Those who have fled their homes say the Janjaweed ride on horses and camels into villages which have just been bombed by government aircraft, killing the men and raping the women.

BBC News

PS. It would be interesting to see what the left will do now. Clearly, everything the US does is bad, even in Sudan. But wait, there's genocide there.... hmmm.... what a dilemma. The French are consistent though, I like that.