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now this

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is the kind of response that I always wish for.

These are detailed, to the point and useful criticisms.

Whether I use them or not remains to be seen.

No kidding, J-M, I love this kind of analysis.

It helps me more than praise. Somehow I know you are aware of this.

If you take some more time in your analysis, you wil see that the two quotes (Coleridge and Wilde) are the basis for this piece.

I knew when I wrote it that it would be too dense for most readers, but at some point I have to lead rather than pander.

Flourishes? Well, I'm a flourishing kinda guy.

this metier is not about subtlety, it's about impact.

rhetoric is more important than logic.

but again, I appreciate your criticisms and welcome them. Why? Because they are valuable.