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I hate Richard Clarke!!!

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I do. I do. As much as I KNOW that Bush and Cheney are up to NO GOOD and it may be the most devious moves of all time I still HATE RICHARD CLARKE!!! He's one of those tattletale kids from years gone by that once he thinks he's got you he goes all the way - whining about everything and getting MORE CREDIT THAN HE EVER DESERVES. I CANNOT stand him. Never could. Just kept my mouth shut because he was "testifying" against the Bush administration. NEVER trusted him. NEVER LIKED HIM. And I always hated the way the "left" claimed him as one of thier own SO FUCKING FAST!!! He's a self serving motherfucker that happens to be on "our" side. That DOES NOT mean he's a good guy - actually he's a weasel of the highest order. Fuck him!!!!!