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an inquiry from Moscow, Russia

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Enjoyed visiting your web site! I'll go straight to the matter. I'm looking for US &/ European publishers interested in contemporary Moscow-based front-line writer.

Given the background of your web site, I thought it's certainly worth a try to contact you! Below is the cover-letter that goes to a prospective publisher. So far, I've contacted Conde Nast and will be sending sample chapters to Canongate Books of Scotland early this week. If you can help, I'll be certainly much obliged to you!

-Vladislav Portnov.
Belated happy 04.07!
I did university research on J.D. Salinger, if it helps to break the ice :)

Thank you for receiving this sample of writing by a talented Moscow-based author.

Alla Gavrilova holds a graduate degree in social science from Moscow State University. With a strong international perspective, she has also studied law and journalism. Alla lived in San Francisco for several years. In 1996, she was involved with US-Japanese cross-cultural studies.

Working with her strong and spare language skills, Alla's fiction reaches broadly into contemporary issues and personalities. Cross-cultural perceptions are seeded with a facile knowledge base from which Alla reaches out with an unerring sense of audience.

From my background as a linguist and translator, I recognize Alla's potential. We have additional samples of Alla's works ready for distribution and publication.

There is no guarantee that mail will get through unless sent through an international postal service operating in Russia. Please send an e-mail copy as backup to My cell phone number: +7-095-130-8289 .

Please join me in introducing Alla's writing to a larger world audience.


Vladislav Portnov,
Editor and agent

Moscow, Russia