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Bush snubs NAACP - first President in 80 yrs to do so

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the self-proclaimed "uniter not a divider" (gee, you wouldn't have been lying about that or anything, would you?) "compassionate conservative" (op! another one) commander-in-thief has just refused to attend the largest minority organization in North America.

every President since Herbert Hoover has been invited and every single one has attended. until now.

at first the president lied again, telling them it was a scheduling conflict. but when they caught him on that, and he then said, it was because they didn't offer him enough respect.

let's see . . . Aretha Franklin sings at the last president's inaugural, and now this one won't even say hello to the group trying to get kids to go to school ...

bush eliminates overtime pay, refuses to sign an increase in the minimum wage, gives a tax cut to the richest 1% in the country, and because the black people aren't licking his shoes clean enough, he refuses to even speak with them.