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i dunno, off the top of my head, he would

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be able to approach the world community from a clean slate, instead of the badly tainted relationships and false truths and offensive posture we've unfortunately established under this over-confident cowboy

he would regain the confidence of the international community and begin to reverse the damaged relationships caused by a C-student president who's never been outside of the country

he'd restore the 'checks and balances' to our congress, instead of this right-wing dictatorship of all three houses

he would keep the environment intact for our children instead of selling off to his friends

he will be a person with real military experience and medals for saving others' lives in charge of the armed forces instead of this kid you dodged service and his war-profiting grandfather cheney

he will not waste our money and time, nor the value of the bully-pulpit, by calling for constitutional amendments to criminalize citizens of our country

he will not lie us into another war

he will open up stem cell research so we can try to cure multiple sclorosis, alcheizmers and dozens of other diseases

he will restore overtime pay for all of us who needed that to make ends meet

he will reverse these insane tax cuts for the rich that will otherwise hamper our govt for years

he will begin to reverse the world's hatred towards the united states -- in part because he's lived in many other countries and understands different cultures

he will not jeopardize our security by leaking undercover CIA agent's names because he's mad at their spouse

he'll have at least one meeting on terrorism in his first year in office

he will restore the EPA to a cabinet level position, instead of trying to eliminate it, as bush has done

he would appoint an attorney general who would consider our laws more important than his personal interpretation of The Bible

he would not spend billions of dollars on his friends' businesses trying to send a man to Mars, or build their "Star Wars" defense system

he would be a military man in charge of the military

he would read the newspaper

he would read and act on his daily briefings

he would be hands-on, and we'd have someone with a triple-digit IQ in the oval office again

he will encourage the development of renewable resources and alternative power sources to reduce our addiction to fossil fuels

he will not coddle the christian coalition, and will not try to overturn or erode roe vs. wade, nor appoint federal judges who would

he would balance the federal budget like clinton did and no republican president has done since the first year of richard nixon

and his election would show the world that the american citizens were not reflected by this president who got less votes but 'somehow' ended up president anyway