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here's some ideas

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the big papers all have 'bureaus' there -- meaning reporters.
but with newspaper cutbacks, all But the majors have pulled their foreign 'bureaus"
so, forget the new york times, wall st. journal, wash post, etc., but get a list of the top newspapers in the country, cross off about the top ten, then target roughly 11 - 30.

all papers have great websites now, so you'll be able to get a few names to email to from each.

then lastly, i would look for some connection you have to american cities, like s.f. you mentioned, then extend it to oregon and l.a. and sacremento, and san jose merc news, all those other area papers, and you tell them "I am a former san franciscan who is currently living in moscow . . . "
and you can use that for any other u.s. city you can fake a reltionship with.
it's just to get you in the door and make them think you are sort of one of them. maybe tell them you use to read their paper and loved it. just one or two sentences to connect you (and your sensibilites) to the city in question.

but if you simply write the stories you see in your head and send them off to multiple papers each time, i would reckon at least one would pick you up on a freelance basis. just don't try to be AP, cuz they get that anyway. first hand accounts of what you see, the unfiltered reality of life as it is, is what they're looking for.

and please do tune in here july 23rd and share some live action poetry from your unique perspective!