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In Other Words He'd...

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bring popularity back to the United States in the International community, as if that will magically makes things all better. Of course being liked and popular is the most important aspect of foreign policy. As if we're still in high school, yet on the world stage. They'll like Kerry's hair doo!

Why would you want to regain confidence in an International community who failed to back up it's own U.N. Security Council resolutions? Sounds like you've got it quite backwards. U.N. has lost standing in the world as others now do the heavy lifting to back up all its resolutions.

But checks and balances will not be restored if Kerry wins. The way things look right now the first two years of a Kerry presidency will be marred with grid-lock. The votes for the house and senate just aren't there. So: Kerry wins = Grid-Lock City for at least two years.

He would prevent drilling and ANWAR thus perpetuating another reason for dependence on Saudi oil.

"he will be a person with real military experience and medals for saving others' lives in charge of the armed forces instead of this kid you dodged service and his war-profiting grandfather cheney" and your mother wears army boots! what kind of childish crap is this, still hatred can't be resisted can it?

Last time I checked Kerry was AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE too! So, be careful what you wish for eh. Besides isn't Bush FOR civil unions. I suppose you're against those too.

He will not lie to us? CIA gets it wrong, so now Bush is lying. What a leap.

Tax cuts for the rich? Are those the same "rich" people who pay an incredibly disproportionate amount of taxes to begin with? Thanks Robin Hood. And you talk about cowboys in the white house, haaaa!

Are you referring to the same missile defense system that has saved the lives of our troops on many occasions in the Middle East? Oh no, that's probably the Patriot system, which you were probably against as well. So maybe that's the same missile defense system that Japan is drooling over under the threat of N. Korea?

Yes, Kerry would read the Liberal news, that's for sure!

Ah yes, of course Kerry's unproven brilliance trumps all sense of morality and values. Because brilliance is so incredibly important. In fact our own President Clinton proved where brilliance gets us. "Is" means what again? The only brilliance he exercised that was worth anything was the 1996 Welfare Reform Act. Perhaps Kerry will do something similar is he's elected. One can only hope.

Encourage development of alternative fuel sources. You mean like Bush's 1.7 Billion dollar Hydrogen program?

Yes, Kerry won't coddle the Christian coalition. But be careful what you wish for once again. Kerry is AGAINST ABORTION!

How will he balance the budget when he's not going to pull out of Iraq at the same time he wants to expand social programs? How will he do this with a congress and senate that won't let him? Is he a magician also?

Ah, more steaming hatred from your pile of uncounted military absentee votes that Gore kept from us. No wonder you spewed so much. But it must hurt your soul to hate this much. I thought it's not