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Halloween Elections...(edit)

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wooooooooooo! scarey!

You're right about the questions...I just have one. This little trick or treat seems to be making the constitutional mandate that our country is based on, our dearly loved liberty and free elections for a leader every four years, a party favor. JUST BECAUSE we may have a disruption? Yikes! We better stop playing around with that stuff because it is more potent that any blow-up that a terrorist may cause. Dictators postpone elections, for one given reason or another. Scaring the populace of this freely voting country with vague warnings is a good way of keeping the populace from voting...and a vague predetermination of when the populace can vote is tatamount to stealing the vote. Fear is the byword...keep them afraid and you keep your power. I am not afraid of terrorists or even getting blown up or killed by them...but I am afraid for those things I really hold dearly...soon as someone starts fiddling around with my constitutional rights...rome will crash and burn. How's that for a creepy tale? Fear should not motivate us to change...hope springs...

I want to vote in November...even if it counts or not, I want to be able to speak my mind with my finger. (up his!)

The Supremes determined the last election...the world may be watching us a bit closer this time...I can only hope.