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the administration will Let an attack occur

Posted to Poetry and Politics

to scare americans into not voting for change.

i fully expect it, and all our voices need to be prepared to respond when it does.

they stole the last election and they KNOW (in their head) they can steal this one.

from their friends at Diebold electronic voting fixing California, Arizona & Virginia, to brother Jeb takin care of Florida, and all with Father James Baker and Antonin Scalia on back-up if needed, the fix is already in.

and now they're laying the groundwork for shifting the date if the numbers look too impossible to rig by Nov. 1st.

cheney eats his children, bush sends other kids off to die for his grudge, and they both use the dead of 9/11 for sympathy to make more money for Haliburton. these guys don't have a scrupulous bone in their bodies, and just like the poor reservists in iraq right now, we better be prepared for republican-sponsored terrorism and dirty bombs, cuz they've already been launched.