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confessions of a coward

Posted to Poetry

when someday soon i find the room
to open up my eyes and see
the fleeting thing that was my life
accelerate away from me
I'll know i should've chosen better
tried to unchain and unfetter
forces deep within which would
in time have given help and could
have made me all that i can be
a person happy and carefree
but truth be told i must confess....
i'm happy here amid the stress
this is home, it's all i've known
it's safe and cosy all alone
in these four walls of my own making
people say life's for the taking
but i'd counter that i have found
a way to keep things safe and sound
things i'm sure of cannot hurt me
at least not until i'm thirty
when i'll know i've lost the chance
of joining in on life's great dance