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England in Customs

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Charcoal and ashes,
England in customs.

Candles lay

Highlands of Scotland,


Small islands in rivers.

No oak,
Oak-wood or fir-wood.

England in customs.
Highlands of Scotland,

Candles lay.

Knolls described as two pieces,
Bursting into bright glow.

Woven strands
Taken from a gallows rope,

Hanged but this counsel of perfection
Rather than a strict necessity.

I say,


In kindling,
The need-fire did not bear
The same Christian name,

England in customs,
Highlands of Scotland.

An old man is in the dark,

If we assume
That fires themselves
Discuss their clothes.

Down a hill,
Celebrating Beltane
Both in Scotland and Wales,

The influence
which these fires
“disperse the dark clouds
and make the sun to break”.

England in customs.
Scotland in flames.

On the whole,

English blood.
Scottish flame.