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How everything just falls into place once an eye is trained to perceive the positive.

Its a perpetual hieghtening of conciousness.
Has thought ever consumed you?
Seeing as though we constantly consume thought and ideal,
wouldn't it be a logical assumption to say
thoughts can consume aswell as produce?

Think of it as hunting for food, could it be assumed that your food could hunt you?

I wonder how many men have been in bear fights and won?

Could it be our desire to constantly win
that makes losing so dreadful/painful/tearful?
Could it also be that all of this has already been written and acclaimed by you or your friends?
Considering I eat the same kind of game?
I hunt/or used to hunt/ what we call ideal; but there isnt much need now.

If you really want help, just go lay on the sidewalk
and dont get up till someone helps you.
inevitible in this country.