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You're Right

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However now we're claiming something when a statement like this that Kerry co-sponsored (not just voted for) looks far stronger than you imply:

"urges the president to take all necessary and appropriate actions to respond to the threat posed by Iraq's refusal to end its weapons of mass destruction programs." (Emphasis added.) I'd say that's

At the very least you've got to admit that now he'll insist he was fence sitting, after the fact, after co-sponsoring a pretty heavy handed set of language. He's been questioned on this a lot and his explanation isn't the greatest. I don't know if you've seen him respond to this publicly but he sure seems a bit like he's back pedaling. Maybe it's just me and my bias. Who knows?

I respect what you said about Clinton and I understand why you feel that way. For me it wouldn't matter if he was lying about what shoe he tied first that morning. A former attorney under oath and sitting President is held to a much higher standard, whether it's about sex, shoe laces or national security (as you're seeing right now). I wish he had not allowed his personal life to be brought into the public domain. If I remember it correctly he could have/should have refused to answer such questions. Then, even if it were discovered later, the debate today would have not be over a lie and YOU would have a much stronger case. Frankly, given that scenario (knowing what I know today) I would NOT have even brought it up for discussion, as I believe public and private life are to be judged different.

At least we're both clear with each other, I think.