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how this poem grows on me.
At first reading, it felt so studied and molded, it had a heaviness to it, a too many cooks in the kitchen feel to it, I had to go get a drink of water...then at second reading it was like this heavy waterwheel started shoving off, moving forward in a circular motion...and on third reading it started to gain some momentum with me, I began to understand the motion and the heaviness I felt at first lightened up.
It's a really good poem Beth, and I find it so interesting that in continuing to try to come out with an appreciative understanding of your content here, I realized that my own mind is closed only to the initial impact of your style.
Once I could break through this limitation of mine, (I emphasize mine here) I see that this piece is well, really good. I especially like the three levels you take the reader to and how it all seems to connect more and more throughout, as if the very beat of this poem was in it's connecting with itself. Which is a fantastic cresendo!
Nice work.