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To Choose A Perspective

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Is there enough good, enough love, enough reason in the average human, in the more than average human being to supply a given army on a given day?

The words "murder" and "killing" are not synonymous for a very good reason. If you want to call a man who kills another to prevent the murder of an innocent child, if you want to call him a murderer then you have created a problem worse than that of murder itself.

Those who preach god already had god and want to spread the wealth

Those who preach peace at all costs destroy more good than they create

Art is not god, nor is it a form of god.
Art does not make a human being a better human being, it is merely a reflection of any degree of the creator; ugly and evil it can be, just as it can be deceptive.

"perfect hatred" sounds like militant Islam, very much so. Great words by Bukowski, very applicable to the time, any time.

If I assume you know more than me I will be better for it!