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Say Again?

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"Then, Bush appropriately applied pressure on Saddam to make him comply with weapons inspections again. It worked. So far, so good. But in spite of that success, Bush invaded Iraq anyway. "

What worked? When? How? Where? Please elaborate on the success you're proclaiming.

Bush made it very clear that nations who harbor terrorists will be dealt with in some way. If you think Iraq didn't harbor terrorits then that's your beef. If you disagree with his policy on going after nations that harbor them then that's a beef. But in the case of Iraq we're talking about a nation that violated UN Sec. Council resolution 14 times over a ten year period. Resolutions designed to show that Iraq had no WMD. Saddam did not allow that to happen repeatedly over the course of a decade. After 9/11 this increased the intensity and need to invade Iraq. Whether the intelligence was correct is basically irrelevant from the standpoint of invasion in THAT context. It was a reality that every intelligence agency in the free world was up against. Never before had 3000 innocent citizens been targeted in the manner they were on 9/11. The paradigm shift insued. yadayadayada...

For me personally, I don't care that the CIA blew it, at least not in the context of the decision at the time. I completely agree the problems need to be fixed and Bush is responsible for that agency from the time of his placing his hand on the bible going forward. But as it pertains to the decision to invade, I don't care if it was exact or not. The fact that Saddam wouldn't allow unfettered inspections and kept playing cat and mouse, that was good enough reason for me to not gamble any further with the lives of innocent Americans, Brits or Aussies like the ones in the Bali night club attack.

This is basically Triage; comes from the French word meaning -to sort-. That is what we have to do, sort and prioritize. It's never easy, never. And it means playing god to some degree. It means you get called names and you get threatened by the families of those you had to choose would NOT be saved. Yes, it's arrogant, it's whatever you want to call it. But if it doesn't happen, more Bali attacks, more Madrid attacks, more 9/11s happen much further into the future than just next month or next year. Yes, it's a lesser of two evils, absolutely. The alternative is far far uglier.

I will look for info on Putin too!