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first - that the evidence is overwhelming. If you want more I'll present it.

As to why? That's just as interesting. I believe it's a cultural thing within the upper educational system. A professor, for example, spends his/her entire life in school basically:

a) all of their childhood and teenage years are spent in public or private school

b) then moving to college/university system for BS/AS, then MB/MS, then PHD. This typically accounts for another ten years+ in many cases. Much of it on the backs of their parents dime or government pell grants or student loans.

c) then, usually without a break into the private sector they move into a professorship.

d) once they attain a tenureship they are there to stay, without much of the accountabilty that can be found in the private sector. Let's face it professors don't face the standards the private sector does.

e) some professors go outside the bounds of their expertise to give political speeches on campuses around the country. Professors have a captive audience in the classroom and then they use student media programs to propel their personal viewpoints further.

So, what do I think this equates to? I think it offers a good set of explanations for Liberal/Leftist views and subsequent bias when it comes to economic systems (socialism vs. capitalism).

For some reason (I don't know why yet) english departments are VERY heavy with Liberals/Leftists more so than other departments.

This is just one angle. But the stuff I've been reading is amazing in making the case that the indoctrination of our youth is certainly happening. It also, interestingly enough, goes hand in hand with the Liberal/Left bias in our news media.

I'll be bringing this up more and more. I'm sure I'll spark a whole new slew of insults in my direction though. Whatever.

[In fact it's funny you asked because I just remembered my friend's cousin told him recently that she was in a local college class where the instructor offered extra credit for viewing Farenheit 9/11. When she complained that similar credit was not being offered for examining another counter viewpoint the instructor asked her to perform an ongoing analysis of his work to make sure he's "not too biased". She told him "I refuse to do your job for you". Is that fair to the student?]

Do you think there's any merit to all this?