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Take the guided tour

Posted to Poetry and Politics

I am a guide to the maze you call life.
God's at my elbow and wants us void of strife.
God's there at your side whether at work or play.
I speak with amazement to God in silent dreams.
The night and day comes with the tide.
I must speak now that my lips overcame my pride.
The world you see is a creation ground.
Once I was lost, but now I've been found.
Second sight comes easy in the madrugada of night.
The platters of heads disturb me and bring fright.
The prison is only of our own making.
We atone and God is there to do our undertaking.
First undertaken, then risen on high.
Most nights all I do is spread my wings and fly.
Up behind the sun, the tenth planet waits.
Planet X is approaching to seal all our fates.
But since God is with you at your elbow.
Heaven is but the distance of a stone's throw.
Did y'all enjoy the ride? Remember God's at your side.