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I just got back from sailing

Posted to Poetry and Politics

Absolutely beautiful
the salmon are running races
the crab are ultra abundant
and the women are artistically inclined.

in regards to right and wrong.
my parents used to be my gods
they taught me well
and let me go downstream to run the rapids
then come back
to where they last saw me
and die.
(thats what salmon do,fyi)


lets suppose i cannot control the ocean. Okay, I cant.
lets also suppose i cannot control people and thier morals, values and beliefs. Okay, I cant.
lets suppose on, combining both of those factors,
that i'm sailing through a 'sea of people'or a 'body of water'. One which I cannot control.
What do I do?
I make sure my charts and sextant are in good form.
I move forward. Overgoing and downgoing. (to tahiti soon)
Doesnt matter how hard they BLOW, I just shorten sail, roll a cigarette, take the helm and hum.

I built this boat, and she's not going down anytime soon.
Are you a seaman?
I started as one, literally, and will end as one.

bon voyage,
captain dan