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in what sense?

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In general, the EU seems like a reasonable idea, but can it be achieved? I don't know. There's a reason why there's no South American United States. Can there be a european United States? The Colonies were very homogenous at the beginning -- same language, same culture, same mother-country + a good deal of experience in self-governing. A common enemy. No impeding historical baggage. No hereditary elite. Lots of opportunity.

But Europe is trying, so we'll see. They certainly have certain cultural and economic affinities -- on one hand. On the other hand, they've been sovereign for a very long time. Elite. Historical baggage. Lack of opportunity. A certain flabbiness due to having been shielded militarily by the U.S. for half a century -- and in that sense, nothing glorious in the previous half century. Developmentally they differ too (you can see that though the EU has official limits on public indebtendness they cannot manage to stay within those -- and that means that so long as they share the money, some countries pay for some other countries.) Now Turkey wants to participate -- this one doesn't even have that cultural base that the rest do share. A common enemy would help ()... but the USSR is gone (and the U.S. is not interested in the EU, it's a big competitor -- so there won't be a US help here, I think.)

Unless we go back to Charlemagne, all serious attempts to unite Europe (by force or dynastically) have so far failed -- what have they been resisting, violence, or unification itself? A bit vague, but I think reasonable, historical parallel is that of Greece and Rome. Europe being the former, and the U.S. the latter. Kinda.

Whatever the case may be, Europe's a pretty and attractively secular, rationalistic place, so I wish them luck whatever they do, EU or not EU. I'm sure if they get in trouble again, we'll come and liberate the place again.