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but if we can't

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change the sea of people then how on earth did your parents begin to steer your course? They changed you, similar to how a friend or opponent might.

It's a nice metaphor but the reality is that the ocean is not the same as a sea of people. In fact people are moved to change, to do good, to do bad, to do nothing, to do do do all kinds of things. But they are moved most by other people who tap into their inner being, if we let them.

But you're correct, some people, perhaps most people you can't change.

Men who chose the view that they were god are on a long list. Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Saddam. Truly without God they chose to make right and wrong a matter of opinion. That opinion could have been handed down from their parents, as you said.

But your not tracing it back. Go deeper, go farther into the ocean. I love the sea for that reason. We are so small and so meaningless there, so why not everywhere? What a perspective it provides eh? But then isn't there something more to it than all this?