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unite this

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The idea of a "united Europe" is both fantastic and strange. I keep wondering to myself, if there was a "united" Europe, who exactly would benefit? It's hard for me to picture it, as each country has its own culture, and problems. And truly, it's hard for me to compare say, the former Yugoslavia with say England, or Romania with Ireland.
I mean, that's what they say, there is an idea of a "united" Europe, but I don't know if it's true. Some say the idea starts with the "euro". Don't know. Maybe it is simply to make currency exchange easier. My wish is silly I like the varying "cool" looking monies each country has/had.
But anyhow. I think the idea of a "united Europe" is easier said than done, and I don't know if it would ever happen. And maybe not I mean maybe it is just an idea.