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PORTSMOUTH - You can hear the anger in Laura Pantelakos’ voice when she talks about the intentional jamming of Democratic Party phone lines by Republicans in the 2002 elections.


During the 2002 election, a problem occurred with six phone lines in Hillsborough County, according to Sullivan. Those phone lines, which included one line to the Manchester Firefighters Association offering free rides to the polls for both Democrats and Republicans, were jammed.

Volunteers working the phones recognized the problem and alerted local police. The subsequent investigation led to the involvement of the U.S. Department of Justice.

The agency charged Allen Raymond and Charles McGee with conspiring to jam phones lines during the election.

On June 30, Raymond, the former head of Virginia-based telemarketer GOP Marketplace LLC, pleaded guilty to those charges.

McGee, director of the state chapter of the lobbying group, Citizens for a Sound Economy, is scheduled to enter a plea on July 28, the Associated Press reported.

According to Sullivan, McGee allegedly had the Republican State Committee pay Raymond’s firm $15,600 specifically to jam the Democratic phone lines,