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Mnaz, give it up, man!!!

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You may as well talk reason to a horse. Tfire seems to see evil lurking in every action of the Democratic party. Senator Kerry quoted Langston Hughes -- a famous poet who just happened to be a Communist! What more proof does he need that Kerry and the entire Democratic party have a Communist agenda? The Communists support the election of Kerry because they want Bush out of office. (Who DOESN'T want Bush out of office? Only Tfire and his tiny band of renegade right-wing holdouts), The rest of the article goes on spewing more and more extreme inanities and associations -- Britney Spears and Janet Jackson's breast, the Ten Commandments and condoms getting passed out in schools.

Think, Mnaz!!! Tfire posted this as an example of the reason he supports and the beliefs he espouses! He may need psychoanalysis, perhaps even heavy sedation, but anyone who posts this kind of tripe thinking it is worth the time of the intelligent folk on this board has gone far beyond your aid!

My advice is, let Tfire and the few who try to take him seriously duke it out together, Tfire can do little besides post a few nutty things here and there and everywhere. Don't read the things because they will only get you hot and bothered. You can't reason with him and the law says you can't punch him in the nose, either. Try to look at him as you would an insane guy walking down the street talking nonsense to himself, or a drunkard. You are not going to convince him, and from the nature of your posts, you aren't enjoying the debate, either.

Cut yourself a break and let this one go. There are plenty of worthy opponents on this board for you to talk to. That is what I have done. If I read his posts at all, I cut out the very moment I see some faulty logic (that means I usually don't get past the third sentence). I have learned from long experience that he won't listen to reason UNLESS it completely coincides with his preconceived beliefs. You are beating your head against the ground, and you know this already.