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Hmmm... admiral, so far as I know,

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it's "Bosphorus" (a word every bit as unturkish as Dardanelles -- both are Greek and of a very old origin); but more importantly, Bosphorus and Dardanelles are two different straits, the former connecting the sea or Marmara with the Black Sea, and the latter -- the sea of Marmara with the Eagean Sea. As a high ranking member of the Canadian Navy surely you know this -- so why are you trying to deceive Grandpa LR here?

On the Charge: you both are wrong -- it was simply the Brigade commander's error, who had misinterpreted his orders: there was no command to charge. And of course, the Crimean War was a European (Anglo-French/Italian, supported by formally neutral but anti-russian Austria and Prussia) response to the Russians' invading Turkey and having taken two turkish (then) provinces in the Balkans and destroyed the turkish fleet at Synope -- undertaken in order to maintain the balance of power, same as the earlier english Continental blockade of the Napoleon France, for example. A demise of Turkey was considered undesireable then and was against previous international agreements.