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are at war with the evil sand people because our oil is under their sand and damn them for breathing our oxygen and smothering our freedoms by believing in what we do not,
damn the native americans for not laying down like the dogs they were and getting what they deserve,
damn the corporate watchdogs and community organizations, what, too good for mcdonalds? They even bent over for you atkins whimps with your low carb diets and water,
damn the rainforest for not being clear cut and burned,
damn you health freaks for believing that it's wrong to rape the earth for all it's worth and giving nothing back to those who've spent their lives and blood for it and broken their backs in days of endless toil for us,
I'm A Proud American and all i want is my blank corporate welfare check and illegal campaign contributions from inhumane regimes that treat their citizens like meat so that i can get discount rates on child prostitutes and so that i can live in a country where women got the right to vote after slaves did and so that i can get fat and stupid and scratch myself in front of the television drinking a slim fast and telling my obese wife she looks great in that tight dress with her rolls bulging out the fabric a bit in all the wrong places for all the little girls and boys up on capitol hill to see.
I for one think that we are making progress, that every mind should be dull and that we homogenize our culture and kill independence and thought.

so that finally i can buy a pair of nikes made by six year old malaysian children working 18 hour days and getting paid six cents for it and not hear the news bitching about it like it means something.

Because you're all just sitting there like you should be, fat happy and full of olestra and viagra and pumped full of valium and injecting dorittos into your veins like the crack sent to destroy the blacks by brilliant leaders that you pay every year to continue this violent oppressive regime that kills based on creed,skin color, religion and television affilliation, so keep working hard America
more children in Iraq need to die for feeling safe in their own neighborhoods and thinking that they have the right to be free.
Heh, and who ever thought that a person should have the right to taste freedom, they should just buy pepsi, it's almost funny.