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I know from whence you come Trout...

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the attacks on Anais and her writings posted below degenerated quickly into a question of her morals and not specifically her viewpoint. Should that be the question?
I don't think so.

The fellow that was so quick to jump on and besmirch Anais with the ridiculous assumption that she hadn't been to war, so shouldn't have an opinion about it...hasn't been to war either, but that doesn't stop his opinions. She is way more talented, in a literary sense, it must be noted.

Poets and writers have always reflected the times they live in. She did so in a eloquent and personal way. It is an admirable quality when artists speak out about what is unjust or terrible in the world or their perceptions of that world.

One need not experience the horrors to know what horror is. A feminine perspective, although frequently dismissed, is sorely needed.