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I did say 'feminine' not 'feminist' and I think there is a difference. I don't claim the label as I have some differences with the radical view that some so called feminists espouse. Besides who needs a label, I am what I am.

Great sketches, by the way...the one of Cerillos is especially close to my heart. You know from whence it comes also, with your other two.

Did you see any of the excerpts by Gary Trudeau in the current issue of Rolling Stone? Not that that has anything to do with this but it is an interesting perspective of one who attended Yale with Bush...and Gary, to note, is the only cartoonist to ever recieve a Pulitzer.

You are also right that everyone can and some do engage in what you call "furious verbal hate mongering." Not necessary is it? It only muddies the waters of clear thought. My brother too, is a republican, but a reasoned one and loves the debate about perspectives but thankfully, he never resorts to denigrating me for my point of view. We are lucky, I guess.

And I too, would like, as I have stated before, to see some literary or poetic responses from those that profess to be above and beyond us "dumbos" here.

My cat, fortunately, just lays at my feet and hasn't tried to edit what I post. She probably should... heh.