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Kerry & Langston Hughes at the NAACP today

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did anybody catch that? you jimbo?

man, i am SO glad there is a real veteran running for office!
first time i've been happy this way
since the first time we voted for a JFK

kerry came across so natural, comfortable, grounded in that special REAL place. as he said of being in battle with his band of brothers, one cared what street you were born on or what god you prayed to, you were all in the same boat fighting for america.

and to see him riffing with and rallying the folks in the founding rebel father's philadelphia . . . what a nice moment. although, it IS kinda funny how white he is :-) he gets a riff going that Jessie J woulda just hit out of the park like Willie Mays.
but old white joe-john dimaggio here just sorta swings for a gentlemanly double. ahem

but he's obviously been reading this poetry & politics page as he starts quoting langston hughes --
"Let america be america again,
let it be the dream it used to be for those
who sweat in blood,
who's hand is in the foundery,
whose hand's on the plow in the rain,
bring back america again."

nicely riffed.

any candidate who can quote langston off the top of his head is definitely my president.