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I am an eminent fen·es·trat·ed feminist lover.

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Main Entry: fen·es·trat·ed
Pronunciation: 'fe-n&-"strA-t&d
Function: adjective
: having one or more openings or pores

I sure ain't femimine an it's what I said, I are a femininistst an I love femiminanity too.
Then agin, there are some radical feminine types, like Mae West, and Queen Latifa, I guess....anyhow I work with a passle of women folk and I do like it a lot....just the individuals and as a group of course as sometimes I get an absolutely flat out negative reaction even when trying my best, usually a suspicious daughter of one of my patients, but batting around 99% as far as acceptance's a real bump and grind job/ the bumps are better than the grinds/ Betty bumps hard, tho. Nicole bumps very soft.Louisie is a teasie.
Luz is a flirt. Christina treats me like a brother, bad. Cathy asks me to stay over for the night shift.
Caroline tells me she loves me then makes me work twice as hard. Nolita calls me Jimbo. Cheryl threw me down on an empty bed in the elevator coming back from a transfer to intensive care. Marion kicked her shoe at me from behind and it went flying over my head. None of them are what you'd call heavy feminists,but theu invoke feminist values, all feminine (one lesbian and open, feminine, a long term relationship, wants to be married))/ also I get flirted with by a semi-retired lady who is a hospice counselor/and I get the kids in nursing school to precept....also the worst thing that they did to me was one Sunday about three years ago....Betty came up and touched my butt, kind of a firm "pat" and I went artound for several hours with a tail pasted up my crack, curled and tassled....all the families were smiling at me and I was thinking about how nice all the paople were....then finally they asked me if I were planning on going out on the way home, and instinctively, my hand migrated around to my tail....oh Lordy.....

But I do like the Guerrilla Girls/ also Lucy Lippard/ and Suzi Gablik/ Natalie and Whoopi Goldberg/ Judi Chicago/ Jessica Haggedorn/ Diane di Prima/
Some feminists I es·chew and spit out, like any group. But feminism as a core value is important, getting away from the super patriarchal nonsense, say, like in a recent post by some war-loving rear echelon armchair war philosopher about the statleiness of values of war-like nations and the need for war, whatever the rationale, as it produces exemplary men and societies....blah blah blafrd/

My wife is quiet and sweet. Of course evolving as well, not a Republican conservative/ she is more quiet than conservative....most radical babes I used to meet were either married or lesbian or wanting a rich man or too wife is a friend and lover. she is on the periphery of my inner creative expressive life, tho I keep her informed. She is evolving away from a co-dependence on a male God/ into a belief that Jesus was not an eternal being, except in the heart. Da dude was a man an he escaped to France!

I have a couple more drawings to post to the web site made up by Tinker Jack....the best one is "Fear and Loathing on the Bombing Trail" will post it up when I get it together/ probably next Monday, Tinker Jack willing.

well, I'll check out the 'toons now! Thanks. Shoo, putty!