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I think he has been riffing the Langston Hughes poem

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on several far as having a veteran goes, well, the President Bush Senior was even carefull about hitting on old Saddam and said so very effectively, in 1992, that pandemonium would break out inside Iraq....and then there was good old Limmy Carter, not pefrect, but a sweet fellow, and then good old Nixon a rear echelon warmonger who beat gool old George McGovern, the WW2 bomber pilot who ran as a peace candidate. I mean, I know that Kerry has learned from all the failed Democratic presidential candidates in the past 30=plus years (McGovern was in 1972)....You can not beat the Republicvcans by sounding like a nice fellow....You have to sound effective, smart, capable of using force, and humane.
As far as Edwards goes, he was not in the military, being 51 it makes him borned in 1953 so was draft age in 1971 and undoubtedly had a selective service number and was in the lottery. But he is no less effective as a campaigner. It is the speciality of this election. Why Kerry has manifested after playing a waiting role for a long time. He emerged because Bumbya became presidunce. Had Al Gore been president, he would have possible challenged, but would have been into the next election as suredly Gore would have been renominated. and in retrospect, Al could have been a prez a good it is a matter of chance, opportunity, being ready.
I can assure you that Kerry will fastidititily pursue Al Qaida, search for a resolution in Palestine/Israel, and Columbia. As far as Iraq goes, well, I bet we cut and gut the heavy handed contracts and transfer the heat into Afghanistan's eastern mountains and into international police work and international hunting down Al Qaida, and get money from the rich and get back to fiscal responsibility by screwing the Republicans. I also predict a growing number of progressive persons of color in political positions.....John Kerry is a literate fellow and we are hopeful, yes you say that he is a real veteran.....guess so, considering that most vets come from the middle and working classes.....he is an anom·a·ly for sure.