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but then

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we have an amateur waging war from the white house with a set of amateurs as his lieutenants/

a plumber can have an opinion of physics,
I am moderately illiiterate, know a little about a lot, yet have only taught flying (tactical airlift in Vietnam)/ nursing (preceptor in hospital)/ and on one occasion, down and out, I was working nights in a plastics extrusion factory north of Eminem's Eight Mile Road north of Detroit in Warren Michigan....a young black woman, inner city for sure, was having trouble getting coordinated processing parts at one machine and the redneck bitxch white factory rat woman was harrassing her, 'bout to get the young sister out of a job, when I stepped in, showed her how to coordinate and break down the machine operation process into several coordinated steps and, voilam, she got it and was cruising, but the rat forwoman bitch got pissed at me.
I soon was staying south of Eight Mile, driving cabs and going to Wayne State. Drunkard , years of trauma then, 197789.....but drawing a lot.

My new friend Gerald Nicosia wrote a marvelous work on Vietnam Veterans, HOME TO WAR, through countless readings, researches, interviews, yet his book was about veterans, not warfare....but I quarantee you, there have been numerous fools who wore the uniform, counted themselves as experts of something/ and there is a reason for having a civilian government/ unfortunately the bastards have usurped us into a malignancy of despair and misuse. We've been had, man. You especially, with your undiscriminating conservatism. I wonder how you will evolve, because no one who thinks, contemplates is static. My guess is that, if given the chance, you will search for balance and complexity, a more comprehensive point of view, but I could be wrong/ You might tighten your perspective, narrow your focus, and become less than your potential. I am holding out for the former for you. Where in the world are you anyhow?