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A Nursery Rhyme

Posted to Poetry

As paint and concrete blanket me,
red bricks positioned in attention
invade the chaotic starry sky.
Cold loving metal
tugs for war, welcoming
the company of a lily’s petal.
Tickling its silver skin, the
lily does not realize death is within
manufactured hands of man.

A cloud resembling a bull
passes abruptly under Leo.
Then is cut into three diverse entities,
as it intimately greets the wandering
ghosts of Gemini. A lost satellite,
a thirsty quill, and a polished apple
intercept my livid eyes.

My pupils begin to sink in a salty
substance, as I feel Light searching
for some purity, beyond my tears.
He dims as he skims this raped land,
and I understand his grievance. We’re
just carrying on the sins of our pillaging
antecedents. I blink, focus, and see the
universe reach down to lower earth’s skirt.

Amid a bright white flash
projecting streams of egos ash,
rising tides collide
with stalking landslides,
aluminum dreams
implode into plastic seams,
violent screams
reverse the flow of natural springs,
fluorescent thoughts burst
through cursed sky lines,
mountainous peaks descend deep
beneath an oceanic membrane.

The dolphins swimming alongside me are
amused, but my brothers and sisters
panicking and gasping seem a bit confused,
not knowing what to make of this sudden deluge.

The fact is Mothers fuse
has finally run short.
She’s taking back what’s hers;
no judge, jury, or court.