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It feels like God just placed my thoughts in a blender and hit puree,
random moments of clarity criss-crossed with confusion every day.
How do I transform this mental discord into energy?
How do I find my line of reason, slip through the seam and lean on the universe?

I wanna be entangled in the Flower of Life, trapped like a fly in a spider web.
Sometimes I find myself swooping through the hoops of the Tree of Life at the speed of light; leaving my eyes behind and chasing my voice, weaving through stars in far off galaxies, racing comets through Gods astrological masterpieces.

Other times my minds in a straight jacket and white padded room,
fatigued and weary consumed with fear hate and fury.

This is when I’m at my weakest.
When I loose sight of the fact that I’m a descendent from the lands of Lemuria and Atlantis, when I ignore cosmic clues like the Golden Mean Spiral and the Fibonacci sequence, when I disregard synchronicity for coincidence.

The awakening has begun,
but it was never meant to be finished under this sun
there’s trillions more to pick from.
The ancients are constantly releasing their secrets
Striking vital nerves
See ya’ll at The Evolution Bell Curve!