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George Senior was a regular might makes right anti-Sandinista, but he was not stupid. What gets me is how the stupidity of the current unfortunate presidunce has permeated the entire administration and its policies. I said Dumbya is stupid, but he is clever and socialised well into his daddy's gang and the sweet fellowship of the elite.

I got the Book but have not gotten around to reading it. My last real book read was Literary Outlaw about William Burroughs. (Interesting, the author, Ted Morgan, who reveals himself towards the middle-end of the tome as not gay////yet he writes with complete intimacy about Burroughs and his crowd.) Anyhow, I have to study for the Oncology Nursing Society exam coming up in October.....I am perusing a book by Molly Ivans now, will get into the Kerry-phile later.

PS I am not I repeat not a military guy. My flight suit shrunk so that the legs were up to the tops of my boots and GEEZ I got to get that "Fear and Loathing on the Bombing Trail" posted/it's an auto-bio-graphic psychological drawing, me running aghast at what the bombing was doing to small Asian villages and folk.
By the way, my letter to the commandante of the Florida Guard on behalf of conscientious Camillo Mejia, now in the brig in Oklahoma, was read and responded to by his secretary, a retired colonel, who said, it's not in our jurisdiction. I was not asking for a legal challenge to the courtmartial, just a reading of my letter by the general and an opinion about offering a letter of supoport for Mejia's sincerity, but, oh no, they gave me the beaurocratick dodge, of course, a minute's consideration, a dictated memo, "take care of it" and no matter no mind, he's become too mportant within his own small world. But I will try again to get a response from him, by Gawd, I got to his secretary.

Of course, Kerry did not serve two complete tours in Vietnam, although his is described and peaised as that.....he did a stint off shore, then four hairy months on river patrol.

But the politics of the current situation need affective marketing and he is a capable person, one who has deep values and a committed gentleman. I am real real happy he is going to be the nominee and hope to Gawd he gets in. AMEN.